Why do we need a web filter?

We need a filter for the following reasons:

- It has been mandated by the leadership of all the member communities.

- We are providing Internet to schools, and because there is a lot of inappropriate content on the Internet we must do our best to clean the Internet available as much as possible.

Why are useful and harmless sites so often blocked?

- Sites are blocked by the web filter based on which category or rating they fall into. If a site is new to the Internet and/or has not yet been rated or categorized then it will be blocked if it harmful or not.  We have to block this category known as other or unrated sites because there are many new sites out there each day that are bad and have no rating even if the majority of the unrated sites are okay sites.

Does the filter block 100% of all bad sites?

- No. No filter is capable of blocking all of the bad content.  Just as hard as filter companies are working to give us the capacity to block bad sites there are other organizations or individuals working to create or find ways around filters.

How long does it take for a request access request to be processed?

- Most requests or ratings are processed in real time, but occasionally a site will need to be reviewed in person and the average turn-around should be 4 hours or less.

How do I get immediate access to a site that I know is okay, but is blocked?

- Occasionally Bluecoat will still continue blocking a site because of the content on the site.  For example, if you are trying to download any files with an .exe extension you will be denied access.  If this occurs and you are sure the file is safe and need access contact filter@hbni.net  for access.  Provide URL/link to the file/site you are trying to download/access and your contact information.  Requests submitted without contact information will not be processed.

How are the sites put into categories and rated?

- The sites are rated according to specific criteria which is based on the website content. A complete listing of the filter categories can be viewed here.  The filter is set to block certain categories.

Who do I contact for technical support with HBNI equipment?

  1. Contact your community electrician or network technician first.

  2. Send an email to support@hbni.net

  3. Contact Jon Maendel (Baker), Josh Gross (Homewood), Ray Kleinsasser (Glenway), Eli Walter (Netley) to help determine if the problem is caused by HBNI equipment or by your local Intranet equipment. The main HBNI technicians may be able to put you in contact with a HBNI technician from a nearby community to help you troubleshoot further.







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