General Info:


HBNI members are exclusively Hutterian Brethren Church Communities. These communities are small, rural, agrarian communities with closed-catchment-area schools. Some of the schools are part of the public school system and some are funded independent schools. HBNI schools are K-12 schools, vary in size from 15-50 students, and are typically staffed with 1-2 teachers with perhaps some help from an Educational Assistant.


Geographic coverage:

HBNI members are located all across southern Manitoba, from Piney in the southeast corner, and Lac du Bonnet in the northeast, to Hamiota in the northwest, and Hartney in the southwest. To achieve this coverage, the network is based on a fibre-optic backbone with numerous breakout points where it switches to wireless radios. As much as possible, these wireless links are built with loop topography to ensure redundancy.



HBNI financial and technical operations are managed by a board appointed by its membership, can consists of several Secretary Treasurers from member colonies as well as the in-house technicians who built, maintain, and upgrade the network.

The HBNI Board usually meets on the second Saturday each month at Crystal Spring Colony. These meetings are open to all members. Contact Jack Maendel (President) or Karl Kleinsasser (Secretary) to verify time and location if you plan on attending.

HBNI educational operations are managed by HB Community School with oversight from the HBNI IITV Advisory Committee. HBCS is a Manitoba Funded Independent School. The HBNI IITV Advisory Committee is composed of several administrators from HBNI member schools, the administrator of HB Community School, a student representative, a representative from the Manitoba School Superintendents Association, and a representative from the Manitoba Department of Education and Advanced Learning.

HBNI is a registered non-profit organization and is primarily funded by annual membership fees. The mandate of the HBNI Board is to operate and maintain a state-of-the-art network capable of carrying educational programing among its member schools in as cost-effective a manner as possible. As such, we are incorporated as a MB Share Corporation designated federally as a Non-Profit Corporation.Article 8

HBNI also self-insures its equipment by collecting annual premiums as needed to maintain a fund for replacing damaged or defective equipment to ensure minimum downtime for its members. For the same reason, HBNI facilitates network technician certification training for individuals within our member colonies to provide a home-grown IT technician core who can help with installation and maintainance of HBNI equipment.











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