HNBI Services:  
  • As shown by our incorporation articles, the primary purpose, and therefore primary service provided by HBNI is a high-speed network to permit IITV video conferencing for its member schools. HBNI provides the video conferencing infrastructure, including HD MCU bridges, Conference Recording units, and the necessary scheduling software to enable a state-of-the-art IP based video conferencing educational suite. As necessary, HBNI also supplies connectivity with post-secondary institutions to enable post-secondary training opportunities such as certification and upgrading courses for tradespeople within the HBNI member colonies.Article6
  • Secondary services HBNI provides its members include:

    • Free phoning between HBNI colonies (8 lines per colony)
    • Filtered Internet connection that is consistent, reliable and managed to ensure each colony gets a minimum bandwidth available at all times.
    • Webpage hosting
    • FTP server
    • Unlimited number of email address (HBNI provides free sub domains, but if colonies want to register their own domains, that is their responsibility. can assist you in registering your domain if you wish.
    • Video conferencing services for business
    • Colonies may use their Internet connection to subscribe to VOIP services such as Vonage, but HBNI will not provide support for this add-on./p>
    • For an additional cost HBNI can also provide VOIP services to Winnipeg that will provide users with a dial tone local to Winnipeg and free unlimited calling in North America for a monthly fee per line. DIDs are also available for a per DID per month fee.  HBNI technicians recommend these lines over other VOIP lines such as Vonage as they have much better quality and are much more reliable.  For more details or to sign up contact



HBNI | Box 819 | Morris | Manitoba | R0G 1K0 | Ph: (204) 746-2122 | Fax: (204) 746-2121